Koyas Incense Incredible temples of India : SRIRANGAM The largest functioning temple in the world

Koyas Incense Incredible temples of India : Unknown Secrets & Facts of SRIRANGAM: The largest functioning temple in the world


The largest functioning Hindu temple is spread over an area of about 156 acres within a perimeter of 4 km.

The rajagopuram or temple tower is nothing less than an architectural grandeur, located at 237 feet above the complex base, moving up in 11 ascending tiers.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple has seen rampaging attacks from the Islamic armies and European conquerors and it had to be rebuilt in the 14th century.It has withstood a lot of natural disasters as well.

The temple houses the ancient inscriptions in Tamil.The temple complex has over 800 inscriptions that give insights into the various religious and social influences during the medieval era. The archaeological evidences state that the inscriptions belong to the Indian dynasties of Chola, Pandya.

The temple has 7 parikramas or compound with 81 shrines, 21 stunning gopurams and 39 grand pavilions. The massive temple complex has a Hall consisting of 1000 Pillars. The granite structured complex also features a water tank in the centre platform of the magnificent hall. One of the attractions of the temple is the monolithic pillars, depicting sculptures of warriors in action.

One of the main attractions of the temple is the reclining idol of Lord Vishnu. A unique feature of the idol is that it is crafted using stucco and thailam, a paste made of musk, camphor, honey, jaggery and sandal.

The temple complex houses several water tanks and granaries. Out of 12 water tanks, a special mention should be given to the surya soc and Chandra pushkarani as these two water tanks can hold as much as two million litres of water.

The temple complex also houses several chariots namely Garuda vahana, Simha vahana, Hanumantha vahana, and Sesha vahan which deserve special mention as they are used during festivals and various religious occasions.

The annual 21 days festival attracts more than 1 million visitors every year. This is one of the must visit festivals in south India.

As per legend, Alauddin Khilji’s general, Malik Kafur, invaded the region and stole the main idol in the 13th century. The idol was taken to Delhi. The devotees of the Srirangam temple travelled to Delhi and convinced the emperor with their melodramatic behaviour to retune the idol. The idol was returned back to the main temple after 60 years.

The temple offers free food to the devotees every day. Another interesting fact about the temple is that the walls of the temple complex are painted with exquisite paintings using herbal and vegetable dyes.

The temple is said to be the largest temple in India with the largest religious complexes in the world.

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